At School

Wanna chat with your friends in computer class? well now you can. Ask them for their school user name. Remember it. Go into Microsoft Word, and type in Command.com exactly like that, with a capital C. Save that as something.bat. 
The .BAT part is very important. go into your documents and open it. A black page will open up. Type cls and hit enter. now you can send it. Type in this:
NET SEND *their username* *your message*
type it like that, but make sure to include their username and message and not just typing exactly that! Make sure they know this too so they can send a message back!
Hope this helps 



At Home

Want to send a spooky message to another user on your computer??? Well go on and hit the start button. There should be a file that says Run. Click on it, If you don't have Window's XP, then you will have to click search and search for Run. After you find it, type in CMD, and hit enter. The picture above should pop up. Then, with no spaces at first NET SEND *the persons user name* and then your message. It should look like this:
C:/Documents and settings/Bob>NET SEND Jimmy Hello Jimmy!
After you type your message and all, hit enter. When the victim logs on, the message will pop up from anonymous!! Muhahahaha!!!!!!!!!! 
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